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How Using a Sauna Promotes Weight Loss

Does a sauna help you lose weight? Does sauna weight loss have a long-term effect? How to lose weight in a sauna? These are the questions many people are interested in…

If there is a sauna at your gym the question which arises logically is what benefits you could get. Does going to the sauna help lose weight? Is it useful to go to a sauna after a workout?

If you have had a heavy workout for an hour or more and are going to leave but have some free time, check if a sauna is a good option for you. You know, saunas have a lot of health benefits. First, you continue burning calories and losing weight after your workout is over. Second, you detox your body. Here you may find some details on how to use a sauna to lose weight.

does sauna make you lose weight

Water Weight

One important thing to notice is that using a sauna only will not result in constant weight loss. That’s because all the weight you lose by sitting in a sauna is water weight. The heat makes you sweat and drop extra water your body has. You can lose about 5 pounds during 30 minutes sauna session but when you start drinking fluids again, you’ll gain your weight back. But that’s a brilliant strategy if you need to slip into a pair of your old skinny jeans for the evening. So, the sauna helps you lose weight only accompanied with physical exercises.


People have many toxins in their bodies because of the food we consume and the environment we live in. The best way to get rid of these toxic elements is to sweat them out. Visiting a sauna is a good idea to flush the toxins and clean the lymphatic system. More energy provided as a result would enable you to exercise more frequently.

Better Night Sleep

Sleeping well is absolutely necessary if you set the purpose of losing weight because our organism will restore while we are sleeping and it will work better on the next day. When you don’t sleep you also get stressed. Stress and anxiety often make people choose fatter foods to redress the balance. Using a sauna after a tough workout will relax your body and mind. If you go to a sauna from time to time, you will be able to fall asleep much faster and won’t wake up at night.

sauna to lose water weight

You’ll Burn Even More Calories

Will a sauna help you lose weight after you finish your training? Yes, sure. Because the heat will make your heart pump faster. Your body will have to burn off extra calories in order to give you energy.

Here’s an equation you can use to estimate out how many you’re burning:
A number of calories burned in 30 minutes of sitting (depending on your body weight) x 1.5 (possibly x 2) = calories burned. For example, a healthy male of 185 pounds burns 42 calories in 30 minutes of sitting. To find the number that this individual burns while being in a sauna, multiply those calories by 1.5 and 2 in order to get the result.

So, the individual would burn roughly 63 to 84 calories. Not so much you could expect. But more than nothing! In fact, hot temperatures of the sauna will cause you to keep burning calories long after your workout is done because a sauna is affective at supporting your metabolism.

Gives You Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

If you exercise regularly to lose weight probability of having some minor aches and pains grows, and it can destroy your motivation to go to the gym. But sauna after a workout could provide a positive effect. The heat will make your body create more white blood cells that reduce any inflammation in your muscles, ease tension, and heal them faster. An infrared sauna would provide further penetrating into your muscles, and you will get rid of tension. What else, it is considered to be safer than ordinary saunas.

does a sauna help you lose weight

Sauna Weight Loss Tips

There is no point in using the sauna after a workout if you hurt yourself on accident. You can avoid injury by taking a few safety precautions before you hop in the sauna. Some simple steps to follow are a guarantee you won’t hurt yourself.

Make Sure You’re Hydrated

Hydration is an essential component in shedding extra weight. As the weight you lose in a sauna is mostly water weight remember to drink water! You can burn a little bit more of this weight by drinking cold water before you get in. To regulate your temperature your organism will have to burn up extra energy. If you don’t have enough water it could even result in heatstroke.

does the sauna help you lose weight

Never Go to the Sauna Before Workout

Sauna improves the effects of your workout, the opposite doesn’t work, unfortunately. If you go to the sauna before you have a training you won’t be able to get the same results. You’ll also dehydrate faster which will result in heatstroke. As a matter of fact, it’s better to follow some exercise routine to get a stable result.

Start off Slow

When you make a solution of using a sauna to lose weight be careful to start! Remember to follow some safety precautions! Never stay in the sauna for more than 20 minutes at a time. If you do start feeling lightheaded at all, get out of the sauna as soon as possible.

can a sauna help you lose weight

Effects of Using a Sauna to Lose Weight

It’s your reward after a heavy workout. A sauna session will help you burn more calories, get a little muscle relief, have a better night sleep, it will detox your body as well.

To sum up, using only a sauna to lose weight is a waste of time. You should do some physical exercises to make your bodywork. When you go to a sauna, you create a true temperature regulation/metabolic boost effect on your body while exercising; when you push your body into strenuous physical activity, your metabolism is stoked as it tries to regulate body temperature, and all of your muscles function together, and your heart rate is elevated. That burns calories! High-intensity interval training and strength training are the best ways to burn calories. When you have a sauna session, you do not burn fat and you do not build muscles, but you may get relaxed and restore your forces.

So, the best way to use a sauna to lose weight is going there after intensive training. Enjoying a sauna could help your body and mind relax. Your muscles will have less tension. Such pleasant experiences will motivate you to increase the intensity of your workout next time. And, surely, you will enjoy it! At least, our life purpose is not only losing weight but doing it with pleasure, appreciating every small step we do to get a body of our dream!

does a sauna help you lose weight

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