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Chew Gum Weight Loss Diet. Myth or Reality?

Chewing gum helps you lose weight, doesn’t it? That is the opinion of some people because when you chew gum you do not feel like eating and because you could feel some good taste you like. Strawberry or mint… What else, chewing gum is so small. It should not contain a lot of calories. Let’s get this over with…

In fact, some people rely on chewing gum to lose weight. They believe it helps to control cravings. Can chewing gum help you lose weight? Yes, sure. If you substitute a big sandwich for small chewing gum) Could chew gum lose weight plan be implemented without any problems? Yes, if it concerns the plan only, not the components you include. Are you dreaming of having a weight loss gum? I do as well. But it’s only a fantasy of the future, not the reality you may get now. Oops. Isn’t it upsetting? And disappointing?

Every girl dreams about chewing gum for weight loss. Can you imagine? You do nothing and become slimmer, knocking dead all the men around. Chewing gum diet sounds magic if you do not need to undertake any efforts. Have you fallen asleep being driven by that dream? Chewing gum lose weight plan sounds good but, unfortunately, no sound (that means sane or sensible). Breaking down the different sides of the debate, let’s look at the evidence that supports—or refutes—whether chewing gum can help you lose weight.

chewing gum weight loss

First of all, positive evidence is that chewing gum supports weight loss. A great advantage is chewing gum may aid in weight loss by reducing cravings and subsequent calorie intake, increasing energy expenditure, and by reducing stress levels. Does chewing gum help you lose weight? In fact, you do not lose weight, but you may use chewing gum as a way to help you modify your behavior.

In other words, we may say that chewing gum helps lose weight because those who keep a diet could try to deceive their appetite and avoid mindless eating. If one of the main reasons for you to gain weight is having a lot of pantries, sweets or fat meals, try to chew gum to lose weight (in reality chewing gum by itself doesn’t make you lose weight, but it will keep your mouth occupied, and you will be unable to have another snack at the same time.

Chewing gum is also a good idea for those people who are often stressed, those who have emotional eating habits. They often tend to eat not because they are hungry, but because they would like to provide their body some comfort, and eating some favorite meals is usually one of the most popular ways to achieve this result quickly. Is chewing gum good for weight loss? To some extent, yes. Because it’s a better alternative to food which contains a lot of calories or which is not useful for the person who wants to lose weight.

chew gum weight loss

What is the best gum for weight loss then? Excuse me… Once again, chewing gum is a trick not to eat much, but it doesn’t mean that chewing gum to lose weight is the strategy that guarantees 100 percent success in the process of getting rid of your extra kilos. Anyway, some sugar-free gums are surely better. Because they would help suppress your appetite and they would reduce tooth decay!

Now let’s consider another opinion. This could clarify the answers to other questions connected with regular use of chewing gum: Can chewing gum cause weight gain? Does chewing gum increase weight if you chew a gum many times a day? Can chewing gum make you gain weight if you choose calorie-free chewing gums? Why do these questions arise at all? If it’s proven that chewing gum does not contain many calories, how could it turn out so that gum can make you fat?

The truth is that some scientific research results (this research was conducted at Ohio State University) showed that mint-flavored chewing gum provoked overweight. The fact was that mint gum lovers tended to consume sweet calorie products, and they often refused from more useful and healthier vegetables and fruits. Chewing gum and weight gain connection is explained by one chemical component of mint chewing gums, namely menthol. The taste of vegetables and fruits is modified, it becomes unpleasant in case there is some interaction with menthol. The same happens if you brush your teeth using a mint toothpaste – the taste of the fruits you would like to take a little time later will be spoiled.

chewing gum to lose weight

Can you gain weight from chewing gum?

Or does gum help you lose weight? So, what’s the true answer to those questions?

The answer is chewing gum for weight loss is a myth! Because chewing gum doesn’t really cause you to lose weight. Chewing gum doesn’t burn enough calories to make a difference in weight loss. If you believe in chewing gum weight loss ‘diet’, forget it! But chewing gum could help you avoid emotional eating! Chewing gum could also be a good substitute for sweets! What else, sugar-free gum can make you feel more full. Some flavors could calm your mind and make you forget about the sudden wish to have some unhealthy snacks!

So, chewing gum should definitely not be used as a substitute for a good healthy nutrition plan. But, as you can see, ‘chewing gum to lose weight’ strategy could be efficient from time to time to control your cravings at least and to stay on track, to calm down if you are stressed and to concentrate if you need it!

Some chewing gums should be avoided because of the components included. We have already mentioned mint that could modify your taste. Nevertheless, if you chew gum after meals it could help clean your teeth from food residue, but remember chewing gum doesn’t substitute brushing teeth!

does chewing gum make you gain weight

You should also avoid chewing gum if your stomach is empty and avoid ingesting it because it could result in digestion system problems, even gastritis or a stomach ulcer. Another ingredient to be avoided is titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is a compound used to make things (like chewing gum and other foods) bright white. Small amounts of titanium dioxide are safe.

You know, one research proved that titanium dioxide weakened the intestinal barrier… slowed down metabolism… triggered inflammation… weakened the gut’s defense against pathogens… What is more, it blocked the nutrient absorption of key nutrients like iron, zinc, and fatty acids. Sounds awful! So, read the label before you buy any chewing gum.

Now when you know the truth about ‘chewing gum weight loss diet’ you could focus on more rational ways of becoming slimmer!

does chewing gum make you lose weight

First, try to drink more water

Water naturally reduces your appetite, it can help remove waste from your body and increase calorie burning!

Second, sleep more

Good night sleep promotes weight loss. If a person doesn’t have a chance to have a good rest at night, it often results in gaining weight and having a bad mood. The person who suffers from sleeping disorders would surely be less energetic than usual. Moreover, lack of sleep can increase your appetite, which is natural, because our organism tries to compensate for some physiological needs like sleep in full with the help of food.

Third, try to slow down when you eat

Because chewing slower can help you feel full! You will not need to eat such a big portion and you will not ask for the second helping! Just do these little steps, and you could quickly have remarkable results! Try these tricks, and you won’t regret it!

But do not limit your weight loss plan with chewing gum only! Now you know it’s not enough!

does chewing gum help lose weight

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