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The Setpoint Diet

The setpoint diet is an amazing trend all people who would like to lose weight could try! The set point diet focus is eating high-quality foods like veggies, high-quality protein, and fats suitable for some particular person.
One of the greatest advantages of the setpoint diet plan people appreciate is as follows. You do not need to count calories! What is more, no food is considered to be bad or off-limits!

The setpoint diet could help people not only to lose weight but to overcome low energy and hormonal problems. Some weight losers are proud to say that the setpoint diet plan helped them to lose 5 to 8 kilos per week. Sounds amazing and unbelievable!

So, what is the secret of a setpoint diet? First of all, let’s consider the fact that this nutrition plan could be used not only by ordinary people who have no health problems but people who have, for example, diabetes (and the setpoint diet helps them as well!). For example, the University of Florida team came to the conclusion that dieters who eat mostly high-quality foods lose far more weight than those who eat lower-quality products.

the set point diet

Harvard team, in its turn, determined that focusing on quality is more effective than counting calories at reducing belly fat and other risk factors of diabetes.

The setpoint diet is different from many other diets by the fact that being on the setpoint diet you could enjoy a lot of various foods in a good proportion. Our article will give you some general information about the setpoint diet plan.

What is the main principle of the setpoint diet? What makes the setpoint diet plan work? The answer is rather simple. The setpoint diet is the way to ‘retrain’ the human body’s biological systems to burn more fat than they used to do.

As a matter of fact, you could have met those people whom you always believed to be naturally thin, although they usually ate whatever they wanted. And their slim figure is not good luck or a result of many hours spent in the gym. It’s simply the ability of their organism to set a low setpoint weight. Although these people could have extra fat, its amount is always within their setpoint weight, and that’s why they never look and they never are overweight!

the setpoint diet

Jonathan Bailor, the author of the setpoint diet, had been searching for a good diet plan for years before he found out that all people had a ‘setpoint’—a narrow weight range ‘that the body fights to maintain no matter how much we eat’. Some people burn their calories immediately and do not gain weight. So, the main purpose of the setpoint diet plan is to find the easiest setpoint-lowering techniques.

Jonathan Bailor’s recommendation is ‘a diet full of nonstarchy vegetables — about 10 or more servings a day — plus plenty of high-quality proteins and whole-food fats is all it takes’. In Bailor’s opinion, so many nutrients provide steady blood sugar and ease inflammation (like fiber, protein, antioxidants, and good fats) and your appetite is reduced automatically. Why is it necessary to achieve a steady blood sugar level? First of all, because blood sugar fluctuations cause many hormonal problems that trigger cravings, pack on belly fat, and drive setpoint up. But eating antioxidant-rich veggies and omega-3–rich seafood relieves this inflammation, and it eventually leads to a nice drop in setpoint.

Having reset your metabolism with the help of the setpoint diet, you will start losing weight without any efforts.

Here is the best way to eat if you want to burn fat with the setpoint diet.

set point diet

The Setpoint Diet Meal Plan — A Sample Day

The idea is to use setpoint-lowering foods preferably. Each day, aim for at least 10 fist-sized servings of non-starchy veggies, one to three servings of low-sugar fruit, three servings of protein (about 30 grams of protein each, such as five to six ounces of tuna or grass-fed beef), one to six servings of fats (try to choose whole foods like avocados and nuts over oil), and an optional serving of dairy and/or beans. Increase veggie intake gradually to avoid any problems with your digestion. Remember to consult a medical specialist before you try a new plan.

For example, breakfast could include a mix of 4 cups chopped veggies, 1⁄2 lb. turkey breakfast sausage, 1 lb. ground turkey, 3 eggs, and 1 tsp. Cajun seasoning. You should bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit in loaf pan until cooked through, 55 to 65 minutes. As a result, you will have 4 servings. For dinner, you could enjoy a salmon fillet and 2 cups veggies with sugar-free teriyaki sauce. For dessert, top 1⁄2 cup berries with 1⁄4 cup mascarpone cream and a natural zero-calorie sweetener.

To sum up, the main principle of the setpoint diet is to eat high-quality (and set point lowering) foods. They include nonstarchy vegetables, nutrient-dense proteins, whole-food fats, and low-fructose fruits.
It turns to be so simple and affordable!

set point diet plan

If you still wish to try some other diets consider the Dukan diet which nevertheless requires you to follow a lot of precautionary measures because it is a restrictive, high-protein diet that starts with a rapid weight-loss phase and is followed by three phases to maintain weight loss.
But before you start any diet try to check if the problem of overweight could be eliminated in any other way.

Using different calculators, you may determine Body Adiposity Index (BAI) & Body Mass Index (BMI), Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR), average daily calorie intake according to the formulas of Mifflin St. Jeor and Harris-Benedict. Planning your nutrition with the help of the calculators would help you to achieve results faster and more efficiently!

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setpoint diet

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