Calculator of Body Adiposity Index (BAI) & Body Mass Index (BMI)

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Formula Used:

  • BAI = ( HC / (HM )1.5) – 18
  • BMI = WK / HM2

BAI = Body Adiposity Index

HC = Hip Circumference in Centimeters

BMI = Body Mass Index

WK = Weight in Kilograms

HM = Height in Meters

BAI Classifications for Women

Age (years)UnderweightHealthyOverweightObese
20 – 39Less than 21%21% to 33%33% to 39%Greater than 39%
40 – 59Less than 23%23% to 35%35% to 41%Greater than 41%
60 – 79Less than 25%25% to 38%38% to 43%Greater than 43%

BAI Classifications for Men

Age (years)UnderweightHealthyOverweightObese
20 – 39Less than 8%8% to 21%21% to 26%Greater than 26%
40 – 59Less than 11%11% to 23%23% to 29%Greater than 29%
60 – 79Less than 13%13% to 25%25% to 31%Greater than 31%

BMI Classification Table

Less than 18.5Underweight
From 18.5 to 25Noraml weight
From 25 to 30Overweight
Greater than 30Obese weight
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Body image calculators become more and more popular nowadays because they provide objective information about some important indicators we should keep in mind. Body shape index calculators of that kind could give you some basic data about your body condition and prompt that some measures should be taken in case the results are not satisfactory for you.

The predecessor of online BAI and BMI calculator we offer was an ordinary tape measure calculator which could give approximate information after measuring body with tape, and the customer could learn, for example, the results of bmi calculation by using the dial, lining up weight (kg) with height (m) and then reading in the window to determine if bmi calculation results showed him or her to be underweight, healthy, overweight, obese or very obese.

Note that body dimension calculators should consider not only height and weight but also gender and age of people, which is rather important, taking into account the fact metabolism differs depending on these factors.

BMI calculator for men and BMI calculator females may use could be the same, but the gender shall be taken into consideration in any case. Several studies on population show that the BAI is approximately equal to the percentage of body fat for adult men and women of differing ethnicities. That’s why it’s better to use BAI and BMI calculator which would take all the mentioned factors into consideration.

Calculator of Body Adiposity Index (BAI) & Body Mass Index (BMI)

Let’s consider what functions this BAI and BMI calculator has

A great advantage of it is that you could not only find the answer to the question what is a good bmi and bai but also estimate both parameters all together and get more reliable result eventually. Body calculators which include several significant parameters are surely much better than those which would use bai formula or bmi calculations separately. First, it’s convenient. Secondly, it saves your time and gives more accurate result.

BAI calculator is an excellent tool to determine body adiposity index and is helpful for all people who would like to be fit. After you check your body adiposity index with the help of our bai calculator which follows a special bai formula you may find below, you could use the guideline table and find out if your BAI is within a healthy body fat level. Many body fat tape measure calculators available earlier required complex mathematical calculations people did not like, but our bai calculator will finish this task in less than a minute.

BAI is an abbreviation for body adiposity index. This parameter defines your total body mass that is made only of fat tissues. The calculations are based on a comparison of the person’s height to the hips circumference. Unlike the body mass index (BMI), the BAI method doesn’t use human body weight for estimations.

Our BAI and BMI calculator estimates both your body’s adiposity index and body mass index level and shows the category you belong to: underweight, healthy, overweight or obese. What is more, just changing the data you insert you may check what the ideal weight for you is and what fat proportion is normal for your age, gender, and lifestyle. This body mass index calculator gives quite a necessary initial result for you to identify if there is any problem and if it’s necessary to do anything with it.

Below you may find detailed information about the two formulas used.

How does this BAI and BMI calculator work?

This health tool aims to help you discover two figures that both relate to your body status. One is the traditional BMI range and the other one is the Body Adiposity Index in such a way to let you compare the two results.

The algorithm behind this BAI and BMI calculator uses the equations explained in the next rows, while it takes account of the gender, age range, weight, height and hip circumference:

The body adiposity calculator provides you with the percentage value of body fat. For calculations, it uses the formula (for both, males and females):

BAI = (hip circumference/(height)^1.5) – 18

where: hip circumference is in centimeters and height is in meters

Calculating the body adiposity index, divide your hip circumference (in cm) by your height (in m) raised to the power of 1.5, and then subtract 18.

BMI formula that requires the height and weight to be given:

Calculator of Body Adiposity Index (BAI) & Body Mass Index (BMI)

Please note that both measurement units English and Metric are supported and that apart from the two health figures, this calculator checks as well the BAI classification (which is gender and age specific) and the BMI range.

One more important thing is that BMI calculator has some limitations. This way of weight analysis shall not be used for athletes, pregnant women, the elderly or young children. This is because BMI does not take into account whether the weight is carried as muscle or fat, just the number. Those with a higher muscle mass, such as athletes, may have a high BMI but not be at greater health risk. Those with a lower muscle mass, such as children who have not completed their growth or the elderly who may be losing some muscle mass may have a lower BMI. During pregnancy and lactation, a woman’s body composition changes, so using BMI is not appropriate.

According to the researchers’ scientific study, the BAI methods of adiposity calculations have similar accuracy to BMI, waist, or hip circumference-based approaches. However, none of these techniques (including BAI) offers precise measures of body fat. They are used mainly for basic testing because they are easy to perform and inexpensive.

What is essential about BAI calculator, the measurements of hip circumference should be made by placing a tape measure around the hips, that it goes through the rise of the buttocks (viewed from the side).

Calculate the body fat percentage

Using the BAI calculator is very simple:

  • Fill in your height (you can use different units like cm, m, in, ft)
  • Enter your hip circumference (in cm or in)
  • Check the percentage value of the body adiposity index in the last field

Let’s do an example calculation for a man who is 42 years old:

  • height = 180 cm
  • hip circumference = 102 cm

and the result:

BAI = 24.2%

Now, find this value in the table below – it seems that this man is a little bit overweight.

Healthy body fat

Once you know your body adiposity index, check the tables below to determine whether you are a healthy weight or not. BAI classification depends on age and gender were proposed by Gallagher, Heymsfield et al.:

Body adiposity index classification for woman

Age (years)UnderweightHealthyOverweightObese
20 – 39Less than 21%21% to 33%Greater than 33%Greater than 39%
40 – 59Less than 23%23% to 35%Greater than 35%Greater than 41%
60 – 79Less than 25%25% to 38%Greater than 38%Greater than 43%

Body adiposity index classification for man

Age (years)UnderweightHealthyOverweightObese
20 – 39Less than 8%8% to 21%Greater than 21%Greater than 26%
40 – 59Less than 11%11% to 23%Greater than 23%Greater than 29%
60 – 79Less than 13%13% to 25%Greater than 25%Greater than 31%

If you think your BAI is too high and you’re looking for a tool to help you lose weight, check the BMR calculator – it will tell you, how many calories your body burns a day so that you know your limit.

How to calculate Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index is a simple calculation using a person’s height and weight. The formula is BMI = kg/m2 where kg is a person’s weight in kilograms and m2 is their height in metres squared.

A BMI of 25.0 or more is overweight, while the healthy range is 18.5 to 24.9. BMI applies to most adults 18-65 years.

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Before starting any weight-loss plan or beginning or modifying any exercise program, always consult with your doctor or any health professional and make sure that the changes are right for you.

The author and publisher of the article specifically disclaim all responsibility for any liability, loss, or risk, personal or otherwise, that is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any content of that site, including the results of the calculations.

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